i always wonder

2007-08-24 06:42:27 by Flash-Kid-2007

i always wonder why that vote's start to slow down on flashs after they pass the 50th newest flash to NG i have to flash's that have not been voted in ages :S and they were posted on NG at Clock Day


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2007-08-24 08:59:51

Maybe it's cause they aren't on the flash portal after they become older than the 50th submission?

Or more likely it's cause you're a moron.


2007-08-24 13:39:58

well dude idk so y the fuck am i leaving a comment?


2007-09-23 17:50:36

its because fewer people see the link if its not on the 50th most recent flash list.


2007-09-23 19:55:20

it's cause you suck at flash an on one wishes to vote on something that only passes cause you post it on a special day like clock day or madness day. The fact that the staff even lets shit likes your crap through is amazing! you can't even write decent questions to madness day flashes.


2007-09-24 12:24:13

its because you like men