Entry #5

yawn, no one cares!

2009-01-31 16:24:29 by Flash-Kid-2007

I have little belief that people will either care or not about this but here goes.

Since I've not been able to get a program to make flash cartoons I might as well just do some youtube video's. Not the random funny outbreak cartoons as you would see here on newgrounds but some rather other topic video's. I dont even think I should be posting this because no one cares and it will just be ignored.

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This video is one of my latest vid's about a playstation 3 bug. I plan on making more shortly. If you wish me to do game footage of a game you have made then contact me in youtube.

yawn, no one cares!


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2009-01-31 17:41:35

Yeah, your original speculation has proved correct.


2009-10-15 15:12:51